Stump Grinding & Removal

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Stump Grinding

Learn about stump grinding and stump removal services

Why Grind Stumps

Stump grinding and removal makes cleared land more attractive, and improves its value. Without grinding stumps they will naturally decompose, and leave large holes. Depending upon how you use your cleared land these holes can present a number of problems.

Benefits of Stump Removal After Logging

  • Minimizes future "craters" from decomposed stumps.
  • Improves quality of pasture land
  • Eliminates problems in building development work
  • Improves aesthetics, especially after clear cutting
  • Increases sales potential of cleared land

What is Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding and removal is done with a specially designed piece of equipment. A stump grinder utilizes a large and heavy steel disc with teeth that spins at a high rate of speed, and pulverizes stumps and roots. Stump grinding equipment converts hard wood into mulch.

After stump grinding is done your land can more easily be leveled or contoured with bulldozers or grading equipment. Logging and stump grinding combined can make your land ready for use as a pasture, reforestation, or building development.

*For environmental reasons we strongly advise against using chemical stump removal products.

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