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Selective Cutting

Selective cutting, or selective logging, is practice which removes only trees which meet a defined criteria.

Selective Cutting in Georgia

Selective cutting or selective logging removes only certain trees, and leaves most trees in place.Selective cutting in Georgia is typically done for one of two reasons.

  1. To remove specific species of trees. By removing "scrub trees" or shrubby trees, you help desireable trees to thrive. This is a forestry practice which will result in a healthier forest or woodlands area. A selective cutting method could also be used to remove only high value timber for revenue generation.
  2. Thinning a specific forested area. Thinning is focused on opening up and area, without prejudice towards any particular species. This is a forestry practice which removes unhealhty or genetically inferior trees, and provide a better environment for the remaining trees.

Selective Logging Offers Sustainability

Timber is undeniably a renewable resource. The key is removing only a certain percentage of trees and replanting trees in the area. A forest can then exist indefinitely, excluding uncontrollable factors such as tornadoes or wild fires. Foresters and logging companies work together to create and execute forestry management plans.

A Forestry Management Plan used with selective logging can actually improve the quality of the forested area. The reforestation process can consider the ideal spacing for a particular species, The reforestation work can be done using seeds or saplings that came from genetically superior trees. By managing a well developed plan, a tract of land can remain forested while providing marketable timber decade after decade.

Your logging company choice impacts your long term success. You need younger, smaller trees to remain intact and growing. A smart logging company pays attention to how they do their work. Specifically this means minimizing felling damage - damage that can or will occur in the process of logging. The best loggers will fell a tree in a direction where it will fall on the least number of small trees.

The best logging companies will try to not damage smaller trees with log skidders or trucks. Ideally a tree can be dropped where it can be pulled out straight. Lifting and turning a log can wipe out small trees.

When an area is being worked by a logging company there will be some collateral damage - it's unavoidable. What is somewhat controllable is how much damage is done. We take extra measures to do our work in a manner that leaves the smallest possible footprint. We strive to be an environmentally responsible logging company.

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