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Logging Services and Timber Management Services in Georgia
We work with land owners needing logging services for small to mid-sized stands of quality timber.

Logging & Timber Harvesting

We are standing timber buyers and loggers in Georgia. We offer a variety of logging services for small to mid-sized stands of timber. We can work on almost any type of terrain, and minimize environmental impact.

We strive to provide expedient logging services while respecting our customer's land. From simple thinning and selective cutting to full clear cut logging we are reliable logging contractors in Georgia.

A comprehensive look at forestry and land management includes a very wide set of practices and services. We specialize in true logging services including clear cut logging, selective cutting, and stump grinding services. Other types of timber management services are available. For highly specialized forestry services we can guide you to the best providers for those services (replanting trees, etc.).

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Our core logging services:

Secondary Timber Management Services



Smart land owners recognize the opportunity to replant trees, and create a sustainable revenue source. Reforestation is done using quality planting stock (seedlings). These seedlings are grown form seeds that are friendly to Georgia planting zones and soil types.

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Prescribed Burns

Prescribed burns are a method of clearing underbrush using fire in a relatively controlled manner. The Georgia Forestry Commission endorses the use of prescribed burns when done in a professional manner, and in accordance with proper safety measures and techniques.

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Timber Buyer Services

We buy stands of quality timber including hardwoods and pulp wood. We are especially interested in stands of larger white oak, hickory, pecan or walnut trees. We provide written proposals to buy timber, and offer prices based on current market pricing.

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Biomass Harvesting

Biomass harvesting is essentially removing trees or plant materials occuring naturally in a forest or woodlands. Biomass is used to create wood pellets, transportation fuels, heat and electricity. Forest bioenergy is a green friendly initiative in Georgia.

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Tree Identification

As part of your timber management planning, you should identify the types of trees on your land. Knowing the types of trees that can be harvested is necessary to evaluate potential income from selling trees. We recommend these resources to aid in tree identification:

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