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Clearcutting is a logging practice which removes all, or almost all, of the trees in a defined area.

We are clear cut loggers in Georgia

Clearcutting removes most trees form a tract of land.We offer clear cut logging services for small to mid-sized tracts of land. We offer competitive pricing for stumpage and pulpwood timber.

Clear cut logging can yield financial gain, but does not necessarily cause environmental harm.

Clear cut areas provide areas that are advantageous to wildlife. They are often reforested thus creating a sustainable timber area. Clear cut logging makes way to repurpose land, or regrow a woodlands area.

Clear cut logging does not necessarily create an environmental problem or harm wildlife. Modern forestry techniques take into consideration the potential impacts of removing trees. By creating and utilizing a Forestry Management Plan any potential negative affects are negated.

True Clearcut vs. Commercial Clearcut

Common perception is that clear cutting is nothing more than indiscriminately cutting down every tree on a piece of land. There is however a process called "land clearing" which does remove 98-100% of trees. Land clearing is typically associated with land development such as constructing subdivisions and shopping centers. There are two types of clearcutting practices, both of which typically leave some trees in place.

True Clear Cut

A true clearcut actually leaves in place a high percentage of young trees (trees under 2-3" in diameter). This expedites reforestation, and gives smaller trees better conditions to grow. Without removing large trees, the smaller trees live under a shade canopy. The lack of available sunlight inhibits growth, thus they do not grow. The result are a forested area with dense underbrush that can be a fire hazard.

Commercial Clear Cut

A commercial clearcut, also termed high-grading, is a logging practice of removing only larger, high value timber. Although commercial clear cut logging is revenue oriented, it helps younger, smaller trees. The younger trees, having more sunlight can grow faster and develop better limb structures.

Reasons for Clearcutting Your Land

  • Health of the Forest: Clearcutting can alleviate localized problems with certain insect problems or tree disease. Removing undesireable seed trees or species improves the long term health of the forested area.
  • Improve Wildlife Habitat: Open areas create habitat that is not found in a densely forested area. Clearcutting creates meadows that help deer, rabbits, quail, and other species who thrive on grasses and seed plants
  • Smart Silviculture Practices: Clear cut logging stes the stage for selective reforestation, meaning replanting in-demand trees. Reforestation equals sustainability, and better assures availability of what we need to live. This is a practice used by major corporations such as Georgia-Pacific and Weyerhauser.

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