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Timber Management

Selling timber can be lucrative - if you hire a reputable logging company.

The logging industry has both reputable, and not so reputable, logging companies. Not knowing one from the other can be quite costly.

We will work closely with you to explain our scope of work, show you the best possible pricing, and leave your land in reasonable condition.

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Environmental & Legal

As a professional logging company we know the regulations affecting timber management:

Environmental Aspects related to using silt fences, building logging roads, and controlling impacts on creeks and streams.

Legal Aspects include acquiring permits, developing a Forestry Management Plan, and practicing proper logging site safety.


What is my timber worth?

The top question from every land owner is the value of their trees. We have a page that introduces timber pricing and valuation.

How do I sell my timber?

Selling timber can be complicated and confusing for new sellers. We have a page that introduces ways to sell timber and pulp wood.


Interested in logging services?

We invite you give us a call to learn more about logging and timber management services. We offer competitive rates for our services, and reasonable price offers for standing timber (stumpage).